Episode 1: Wingmen of Questionable Stature

Episode 1: Wingmen of Questionable Stature – Length: 18:17
“Splicepoint, Danimal and Langerman bring you a brand new Star Citizen podcast, Data Spike! In our inaugural episode we introduce the show and ourselves, cover a brief bit of news, and discuss our hopes for CitizenCon.”

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0:00 Lead-in and Intro
0:52 Introduction to Data Spike Podcast
1:47 Introductions to El Danimale, Langerman, Splicepoint
5:11 Drinking Problem
5:52 News: $90 M & Almost 1M backers, Derek Smart / The Escapist, The Endeavor
12:18 Comms: CitizenCon Hype
16:53 Where To Find Us
17:51 Outro & Lead-out

Production Note: Bear with us as we get into the swing of things here. Still working out some technical logistics. Within an episode or two we should’ve worked through some of our mic clipping, normalization issues, and be able to add polish to our audio transitions! Give us a listen for a bit and let us know how we’re doing – feedback makes us better. In the future, we’re hoping to be closer to 30 minutes and get a more nailed down, regular format. Thanks for stopping by!  -Splicepoint

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14:57 – “Your hand flips backwards…”

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