Episode 10: The Star Citizen Community (feat. guest Dolvak)

HD-DS Logo JPEGEpisode 10: The Star Citizen Community feat. Dolvak

Length 55:26

“We catch up with original backer, former /r/starcitizen moderator, Imperial News Network director Dolvak to catch up about the history behind the Star Citizen subreddit, highlight some great community members over on the subreddit in our ‘Gold Citizen’ segment, and argue a little bit about the Sabre in our tenth installment of Data Spike!”

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0:00 Intro
1:40 The Radar
2:14 Happy Hour
4:10 Toast…? (Dolvak)
6:00 Gold Citizen (reddit users: Alluran, Eskel_Gorov, FauxShizzle, Kanetu, Cptn.Canuck, Firespikez)
10:25  G-Locked feat. Dolvak

13:55 /r/StarCitizen Subreddit History

16:10 INN Origins
20:42 Growth of the Community and the Current State of the Space/Sci-fi Genre (SQ42, Sci-Fi Genre, X-Files Spoilers, other Space Games, peripherals, TrackIR)
27:34 We ask Dolvak to talk about how the role of INN and content creators in general will change once Star Citizen has its official launch and we talk the future of INN.
34:14 “Open Development” and Crowdfunding as a model for game development
44:29 The Sabre showdown between Splicepoint and Dolvak
50:00 What to expect from INN for the rest of 2016
53:40 Outro

Audio Credits:

Thank you to Dolvak for joining us for episode 10; and seriously, if you haven’t checked out INN, give them a look – they do great stuff for the Star Citizen community. ImperialNews.Network

Production Note“Thanks for listening. We’re still working on getting a regular schedule together but we’ve loved all the support from everyone lately. Please let us know what you think of the show or come chat with us. We’re now on Discord – check us out! Fly safe out there!” – Splicepoint

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  1. RE: HoloXPLOR – CIG do use it – and I provided them with instructions to set it up on their own server, but as far as I know, they use the same public version as everyone else

  2. Greetings have been enjoying the show for the last few months. Currently drinking a Bitburger Pils. Keep up the good work. Ohh and here is a Toast I stole from a friend 15 years or so ago.

    A Toast for the crew of Data Spike

    ” Here’s to the heat, not the kind that ignites and burns down shanties, but the kind that excites and drops down panties”

    Keep up the great work

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