Episode 14: New Recruit

HD-DS Logo JPEGEpisode 14: New Recruit

Length 59:53

“Splicepoint and Danimal are joined by an old friend, ODSK, to find out what he knows about Star Citizen, and bring him into the UEE Fleet.”

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0:00 Intro
1:04 The Radar
1:42 Happy Hour
5:05 Toast (ODSK)
6:48 Comms: Recruiting ODSK to the Fleet
57:18 Outro

Audio Credits:

Production Note“Danimal has a new mic and we have a new team member, ODSK! Huzzah! Come hang with us in Discord. Our inaugural Data Spike ‘Flight Night’ was a great time! Link to discord at DataSpike.me” – Splicepoint

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  1. So, you probably know this, but a fun fact about that beer can with the top popping off is that it leads to much better flavor for the beer (as you probably noticed). One of the main complaints against drinking beer out of a can (or bottle) is that you can’t smell the beer. As smell is such a huge factor of taste, drinking out of a can or bottle really limits one’s experience of the flavor.

    This is also why it’s good to have the appropriate amount of head on a beer that’s poured into a glass. The popping bubbles help us get all of the aromatics from the beer.

    So yeah, I definitely wish we had cans like yours here in Oregon!

    Also, my apologies if you already knew all this! 🙂

    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment. I hadn’t thought to consider the aroma aspect of drinking out of a can with the full top which comes off. What I understand about cans is that they’re better for the beer during transport and storage as sunlight can adversely affect the beer. Interesting points for sure!

      Thanks for listening and for stopping by. -Splicepoint

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