Episode 15: No Man’s Sky with Those Three Guys

HD-DS Logo JPEGEpisode 15: No Man’s Sky with Those Three Guys

Length 1:07:27

“Splicepoint and Danimal are joined by Erris from the Imperial News Network to discuss the release of No Man’s Sky including thoughts on procedural tech and other space sims (Elite, Star Citizen).”

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0:00 Intro
3:15 The (Informal) Radar
3:57 Happy Hour
9:10 Toast (Erris)
10:55 Comms: No Man’s Sky Release
31:55 Procedural Tech
55:30 Hype Trains and Other Games
1:02:55 Outro, Credits, Housekeeping

Audio Credits:

Production Note“So Gamescom just happened… don’t worry – there’ll be a Data Spike on the current happenings soon ™!” – Splicepoint

Thanks for Erris for joining us – if you want to check out the Imperial News Network, we highly recommend it! ImperialNews.Network

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