Episode 3: Star Citizen Turns 3! Anniversary Sale & 2.0!

Episode 3: Star Citizen Turns 3! Anniversary Sale & 2.0!

Length 1hr 03min
“Anniversary Sale Info, SQ42 updates…………..OH AND 2.0 DROPPED! We’re here to give you the rundown!”

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0:00 Intro
1:05 Episode Breakdown
1:53 Drinking problem? What’s the problem?
3:52 NEWS
4:11 Anniversary Sale Info
11:32 Anniversary LiveStream Misc. Details (Development Pipeline, HOTAS, etc.)
15:22 2.0 to the PTU! Details.
21:05 Avenger Warlock Variant: EWAR
23:30 Million Mile High Club
26:00 Development Efficiencies & New Ship ‘Crucible’ Talk
26:42 Quick SQ42 Updates (Mark Hamill Interviews on the Web, Co-Op)
33:52 COMMS
34:20 Anniversary Sale Plans
40:40 Das_Langarman calls in!
44:40 Citizen Chef calls in!
48:10 Does pledging big ships ruin the game for you if you don’t earn them in game?
57:10 Will Industry meta-game be too tedious?
1:02:05 Sign offs & Last Words
1:03:41 End

Anniversary Sale Link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15067-AnniVERSEary-Sale-Kickoff

Anniversary Livestream Playback: http://www.twitch.tv/starcitizen/v/26605051

Production Note: 2.0 is here and we’re super hyped! Just Danimale and myself this time around – we fill you in on the anniversary sale if you missed it. For those of you who were able to catch up on the live stream feel free to skip forward to Comms to get in on more of our discussion rather than providing updates!

Speaking of which – how do you guys like the format? Do you want less news and more comms? How are we doing? Let us know what’s most interesting to you. Thanks for listening! -Splicepoint and the rest of the gang.

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