Episode 6: Star Citizen’s “Endgame”

Episode 6: Star Citizen’s “Endgame”

Length 1:23:56
“Data Spike’s first episode of 2016 is jam packed with discussion about the future of Star Citizen’s endgame. We invite a guest, game developer Cptn.Canuck, onto the show to talk development and his views on what he’d like to see after a few months in the PU when it goes live, and we catch up in Comms about some of the things we’re hoping to see too!”

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0:00 Intro
1:51 The Radar
2:39 Happy Hour
5:25 Guest Spotlight (Video Game Developer and DOTA2 streamer Cptn.Canuck joins us to talk endgame!)
41:52 Comms (Endgame Roundtable)
1:24:41 Outro

Audio Credits:

Thank you very much to Cptn.Canuck for coming on the show! Canuck is a DOTA2 streamer over on twitch and is active in the SC community. You can also find a link to his post (as discussed in the show) here.  Check out his stuff, send him any thoughts you might have, thank him for joining all of us!

Production Note: Narrowing in on our mic issues – thanks for sticking it out! We’ve now ruled out hardware as the culprit and we’re turning our attention to software. Also – let us know how the show is flowing for you! We’re liking the way this episode went! While you’re at it – give a huge thank you to El Danimale for allowing me to take a break this episode, he cut together our show this episode! Thanks Danimal! -Splicepoint 

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