Episode 17: Finally Shooting Spacemen in the Face

HD-DS Logo JPEGEpisode 17: Finally Shooting Spacemen in the Face!

Length 1:03:48

“Chef is back in the latest episode of Data Spike where we discuss all things patch 2.6 including Star Marine and the recent changes to the flight model. Later on we revisit our returning segment ‘GTYSPWWTPSC’ and discuss some other flight sims and games we’ve been playing.”

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0:00 Intro – Welcome Back
2:28 Happy Hour
6:35 Comms: Patch 2.6, Star Marine and the Flight Model

58:44 Outro, Housekeeping

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Production Note“The game is advancing well and we’re enjoying patch 2.6. Join us in discord to talk about it and hang out. We were glad for signs of life from Chef and not so badly worse for wear (except maybe a tooth or two). Give us some feedback on the show and we’ll see you in the ‘verse!” – Splicepoint

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